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Investor communications for a connected world

Proxymity is the leading digital investor communications platform. We connect issuers, intermediaries and investors in real time via our unique digital pathway, which creates more efficient, more accurate and more transparent solutions.

Industry Backed

Proxymity’s vision is to deliver the benefits of innovative digital investor communications for the whole proxy voting ecosystem, rather than be owned by one company. In supporting our vision, we are backed by some of the most prominent and influential names in the industry.

why Proxymity

Real time efficiency

With a unique digital pathway between issuers, intermediaries and investors on a web-based platform

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By digitally connecting issuers, intermediaries and investors, data such as votes, meeting information and shareholder disclosure requests are no longer manually passed along the custody chain. Instead, this information is efficiently distributed via the platform.

This allows votes to be instantly recorded in real time right up until the market deadline as well as shareholder disclosure responses to be automatically processed within regulatory compliant time frames.

Less risk, more accuracy

With automated, paperless, digital solutions that improves speed whilst reducing risk for all participants

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In the current proxy ecosystem, data is often inputted manually, often via paper, multiple times across the chain. Not anymore…

With Proxymity, data is uploaded to our digital platform at source so there is no further risk of it being inputted incorrectly or misinterpreted.

Unrivalled transparency

With immediate feedback, reporting, confirmation, and the opportunity to make real-time amendments

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Without the long manual and paper based processing that slows down the flow of communication, information can now be received in real-time on the Proxymity platform… and nothing is hidden.

Issuers can see who has voted on their meetings, while investors receive a real-time receipt of vote. As a shareholder disclosure solution, Proxymity automates requests and responses and gives issuers and intermediaries their own dedicated reporting tools

Award winning

FSTech Awards 2022 Winner
“Most Disruptive Financial Sector Technology”

Global Custodian Awards Winner
“Fintech of the Year 2022”

CIO Review Magazine (APAC)
“Most Promising RegTech Solution 2022”

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February 2023
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14 – 15 March 2023
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20 – 22 June 2023
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SIBOS 2023

September 2023
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