The cost of using Proxymity will depend on whether you are looking to use the Proxymity Vote Connect platform for proxy voting or the shareholder disclosure platform Proxymity Shareholder ID and the volumes expected.

There may not, in fact, be any additional cost to using Proxymity if you are connected to through an existing provider.

Even if you are not connected to us already, as the platform is digital and automated from end to end, it’s likely that the Proxymity products will be more cost effective than your existing provider for these services.

To find out costs for your specific situation please contact us here…

Less than 24 hours. Once the accounts are added to Proxymity the relevant holdings will propagate to the platform overnight. Users will receive a link with their user id and a link to generate a password.

Yes, Proxymity will always be in step with the vote advisor platform and this is possible via dynamic connection between Proxymity and the vote advisor platforms.

No, Proxymity is interoperable with the leading vote advisory platforms so it is possible for investors to continue to use their vote advisory platform to review the meeting notification and lodge their votes.

This means investors need only continue to support a single platform whilst receiving all of the benefits of Proxymity and maintaining global coverage.  Proxymity will then be the single transport mechanism for the meeting information and votes in the markets we support providing real time meeting information from source, market deadline for voting and post meeting vote confirmation.

Under this model Proxymity is always available as a ready to use continuity solution should there be any problems with the vote advisory platform.