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Proxymity is an online investor communications platform that creates a unique digital pathway between issuers and their investors. Proxymity’s proxy voting solution is called Proxymity PV”,  which for the first time means that the whole process occurs in real-time, and is efficient, accurate, and transparent.

Clearstream is committed to providing you with the best client experience possible.

We are aware of your concerns about complying with SRDII, and that is one of the key reasons we have invested in Proxymity.

As our client Proxymity is your SRDII solution.

Yes, Proxymity is the easiest way to send Clearstream your data quickly and free of misinterpretation.

You have full control of the meeting agenda. Proxymity eliminates manual input and the potential for errors to be made. This means that meeting agendas are “Golden Source” and received verbatim by your Clearstream and your investors in real-time.

Can I see a demo of Proxymity?

Yes! Click the image below to start a short video.

How do I sign up to Proxymity?

Fill in the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.