Proxymity Vote Insights – Service Description

Access to the web-based Proxymity Vote Insights platform via a temporary login and password provided by Proxymity for each requested user, and reset by each user on first access to the platform. 

  • The ability to enter full meeting announcement and Golden Record agenda information for all Proxy voting Meetings\ events relating to the ISIN(s) of the Customer via the vote insights Graphical User Interface (GUI). 
  • Enforced Maker/Checker approval by any second user of any Meetings created by the Customer in Vote Insights, prior to them being delivered to connected intermediaries. 
  • The ability to see all Proxymity proposal level voting received from connected Proxymity Intermediaries and/or their clients for all meetings relating to the Customers ISIN, announced via Proxymity Vote Insights GUI. 
  • Access to the Proxymity Beneficial Owner Voting file upon request via the Vote Insights GUI, which will be delivered securely via email to the email address of the user requesting the report via the GUI, containing for each meeting announced via the Proxymity GUI: 
    • Votes received per resolution, per connected intermediary account; 
    • The vote direction, by proposal, for each vote received, per intermediary account; 
    • The number of shares votes for each vote received, per intermediary account; 
    • The account name of all voted accounts; 
    • The date and time of vote receipt by Proxymity, for each vote received; 
    • The nominee name, where applicable, of the local market position relating to the voted account. 
    • The institution name, Email address and Phone number, for voted accounts related to voting parties connected to the Proxymity application. Votes received from non-connected third party clients will not provide an institution name, email address and phone number. 
    • The local market account where the shares are held by the relevant intermediary, for each voted account. 
    • For applicable markets, where provided to Proxymity with the vote instruction, the Beneficial Owner Name and Address of the voter related to the voted account. 
    • For the avoidance of doubt, the Beneficial Owner Report will only contain accounts where a vote has been received by Proxymity, relating to a intermediary connected to Proxymity. The report will not provide a list of all shareholders, which can instead be obtained via Proxymity Issuer ID report, where available and subscribed to.