Investor communications is broken…

The current investor communications ecosystem is fragmented and relies heavily on manual and often paper based processes. This causes delays, errors and a complete lack of transparency.

And how much do we pay for this inefficient system? A lot! It is time for a change…

Introducing investor communications for a connected world

Proxymity is a pioneering investor communications platform. We connect issuers, intermediaries and investors in real time via our unique digital pathway, which creates more efficient, more accurate and more transparent solutions.

We currently offer two distinct products as part of the platform:

Proxymity PV: A fully digital proxy voting solution allowing meeting data, votes and more to be sent and received in real time

Proxymity ID: A fully automated shareholder disclosure solution that aids regulatory compliance

How could Proxymity PV benefit you?

The current Proxy Voting system gives Issuers no direct notification channel to investor, preventing effective communication and transparency, which in turn requires expensive research to decipher voting activity.

With Proxymity PV, Issuers have peace of mind and certainty, with:

Total control of the meeting agenda delivered directly to your shareholders without distortion, interference and interpretation

Transparency right through the custodian chain all the way to the investor, eliminating the need to spend money deciphering the voting decision

Real-time receipt of vote from investors as soon as they began voting, up to 13 days prior to the meeting*

* In comparison to the incumbent ballot distribution process, based on our live production pilot covering General Meetings across 4 UK Issuers


The current Proxy Voting system burdens Intermediaries with lots of time-consuming data handling and manual confirmation, which only increases operational cost and risk.

With Proxymity PV, Intermediaries can now provide a better service, with:

A paperless, digital solution, eliminating the need for intermediary notification processing and message transition

The industry’s most competitive deadlines with real-time delivery of information via the world’s first digital end-to-end voting platform

Unrivaled transparency to the proxy voting process for clients, whether they are issuers or investors

* In comparison to the incumbent ballot distribution process, based on our live production pilot covering General Meetings across 4 UK Issuers


Under the current proxy voting system, investors experience extremely tight deadlines to research and make a decision on their investment; followed by uncertainty whether their voice has been heard.

With Proxymity PV, Investors can now vote with confidence, with:

Instant meeting notifications and real-time publication of agenda meeting directly to investor, up to 96 hours faster* than any existing process

Artificial deadlines are replaced with market deadlines to vote, giving up to 5 more days for investors to make critical decisions on investments*

True confirmation that each vote has been received and recorded as standard… the days of guessing are over

* In comparison to the incumbent ballot distribution process, based on our live production pilot covering General Meetings across 4 UK Issuers


How could Proxymity ID benefit you?

Processing shareholder identification requests globally is becoming more difficult as existing processes will be stretched to comply with new EU regulation.

With Proxymity ID, Intermediaries can now automate their shareholder disclosure responses, with:

Automated responses to Shareholder ID requests

Full oversight, reporting and exception management for disclosure responses processed by Proxymity

Handling of all compliant message formats


As new regulation is enforced, initiating compliant shareholder identification requests and tracking responses will become more challenging

With Proxymity ID, Issuers have an effective and powerful solution, with:

Direct issuer submission of Shareholder ID requests

Automated collection and processing of disclosure responses

Disclosure response analytics and reporting


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